How to Transform Your Home from Lived-in to Listing-Ready

You want to sell your home for the highest price, but you don’t want to spend months renovating just to turn around and sell. Sure, remodeling the kitchen or ripping up the carpet might help move your home, but it can also tank your sanity and your budget. Thankfully, there’s a happy medium to be found. By putting your energy into minor repairs and cosmetic updates all with a little help from technology, you can create a competitive listing in just a few weeks. Here, Jolynne Ash shows you how to go about this process.

Clean and Declutter

Often, clearing away the excess opens your eyes to issues you hadn’t noticed. Things like scuffed paint jobs, beat-up baseboards, and tattered curtains become obvious when surfaces are cleared and bulky items are packed away. Clean, clutter-free surfaces also make your home look brighter and more open, turning it into the blank slate buyers desire. If you’re strapped for time, turn to a cleaning service app like Tody or Clean House so you can connect with a pro who can help your home sparkle.

New Paint Job

Decluttering also makes it easier to apply a fresh coat of paint to interior walls. Freshly-painted walls look cleaner, smell better, and photograph more beautifully for online listings. Additionally, repainting is an opportunity to cover up outdated and out-of-the-ordinary paint colors with more appealing neutral hues. If you’ve never painted an interior wall, read Behr’s expert advice to get started. If this is a job better suited for a professional, an app like Handy can connect you with qualified interior painters.

Update the Lighting

Even brand new paint can look dingy without good lighting. While natural lighting is best for showing a home, you can’t guarantee the sun will be out when buyers stop by. In addition to following Decor Interiors’ guide to choose the right lumens for each room, consider replacing your light fixtures. Yellow-brass lighting fixtures instantly date a room; a warm gold or copper pendant is an easy swap that gives a space a chic and modern feel. When shopping for light fixtures, Wayfair’s app lets you browse all manner of styles and you may even find some on sale.

Freshen Up the Hardware

If you update your kitchen light fixtures, don’t forget to replace the kitchen hardware to match. In fact, because doorknobs, faucets, cabinet handles, and drawer pulls get so much use over the years, it’s a good idea to replace hardware throughout your home. New door and cabinet hardware is a subtle but effective way to modernize your home. Go with matte black, warm gold, or dark metal finishes for a modern, yet classic look. If you’re not sure what’s on-trend for today’s kitchens, look to the Houzz app for design guidance.

Survey the Flooring

Because it occupies so much space in your home, it’s important to give your flooring attention as well. If you have tile, inspect for cracked and crumbling grout, and repair as needed. If you have hardwood, get low and look for scratches, especially if you have pets. Most scratches on hardwood can easily be filled to match the surrounding floor. Keep in mind that odors are one of the top turn-offs for buyers; for this reason, carpet throughout the home should also be steam cleaned before the first showing. You can do this yourself with rented equipment or hire a carpet cleaning service. Use the Home Depot app to look for supplies, ask questions and even get visuals on new flooring.

Analyze Your Smartphone’s Capabilities

As you plan, organize and execute preparing your home for sale, you’re gonna be busy. This means your smartphone is going to be working overtime. If your current device is close to its breaking point, spring for a new model so you can easily stay connected. Try opting for a smartphone that has top-of-the-line features, such as a powerful chip and the ability to handle 5G internet, to ensure you don’t miss a beat while trying to stay the course through this entire process.

As you clean and fix up your home, remember that you’re not doing this just for the buyer’s benefit. According to the National Association of Realtors, a staged home makes a better first impression, so it spends less time on the market and gets higher offers from buyers. Staging doesn’t have to mean renting furniture and hanging generic artwork; in fact, even entry-level staging is worthwhile! So while cleaning and fixing might seem like a lot of work today, you can trust that your efforts will pay off when you sell your home.

Feeling overwhelmed? Reach out to Jolynne Ash for guidance on every aspect of the selling process!

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