Portland Area Map & Commute Times

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Portland Oregon, area map

Typical Commute Times

This map shows the greater Portland Metro Area. It consists of several different cities (suburbs), which are all commutable to downtown Portland. Locals consider anything over 30 minutes unacceptable. Brought to you by Jolynne Ash, www.jolynne.com.

Average Non-Commute
Drive Time


12 minutes
Clackamas 18 minutes
Gresham 25 minutes
Happy Valley 15 minutes
Hillsboro 27 minutes
Lake Oswego 16 minutes
Newberg 47 minutes
North Portland 15 minutes
NE Portland 10 minutes
NW Portland 15 minutes
SE Portland 10-20 minutes
Sherwood 27 minutes
Tigard 18 minutes
Tualatin 20 minutes
West Hills 5 Minutes
West Linn 29 minutes
Wilsonville 23 minutes

Camas, Washington

29 minutes
Vancouver, Washington 13 minutes

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